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What is re: Relational Čtudes?

re: Relational Čtudes (re, for short) is an implementation of the Relational Model. Written in PHP, re can be considered a PHP Framework.

Specifically, re tries to implement the ideas presented in the book Databases, Types, and the Relational Model (The Third Manifesto). As such, re is based on a rigorous scientific theory.

From a Model-View-Controller (MVC) approach in software development, re can be considered as the "Model" component. Further, it is not impossible to implement your own MVC-type framework using re as its main foundation.

Why use re?

Since re is based on a rigorous scientific theory, it therefore has conceptual integrity. In particular, here are some reasons for using re:

  • re does have a consistent and intuitive Application Programming Interface (API).
  • Support for relational operators (data/set manipulation is simplified).
  • Applications using re will be easy to maintain and extend, has less but precise code.
  • Easily use distributed data.
  • Clean implementation of Business Rules.
  • re is a Free and Open Source Software (FOSS).

It should be very easy to integrate re in your projects, since it is designed to be "framework agnostic."


re is released under the New BSD license. As such, you can freely download then use and/or modify it for your own purposes.


We always appreciate it if you can express a gesture of support.

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Suggested Books

To understand re better and appreciate its basis (the Relational Model) even more, we suggest the following books: